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REM-Fluffernaut Foggernaut Lvl 197 Rubilax
Fluffelia Feca Lvl 194 Rubilax
Fluffina Rogue Lvl 193 Rubilax
Pinkybutt Sram Lvl 182 Rubilax
Vaultilicious Enutrof Lvl 178 Rubilax
Philippe Patek Xelor Lvl 147 Rubilax

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I didn't expect I would suffer from this in Wakfu, but it seems even in a small community game such things happen. I haven't logged in since early May this year and since then someone, somehow, took advantage of it and stripped couple of my chars from their Relics, Epics, pets, mounts, Kama and whatnot. I've opened a ticked and I would like to see my account restored, to the point of 8th of May, 2016.

Ticket #1807436 
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Now I guess we don't deserve any explanations what was fixed? Because it's not very clear from this post:
Click here

Edit... Ah! They will add the changelog later.
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I'm curious if it was one-time wonder back in the day? Not possible to obtain it normally (dontation)? Just from other player who has it?