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So while playing dofus i tend to switch between my characters on my accounts a lot. i do not play with alts. in doing so i tend to have to switch pets, equipment and other things using the bank to utilize them all on my other character. i think having limited POD inventory will decrease the amount of time it takes to switch the items between characters, better utilize the items i have earned through subs and in-game as well as saving the in game players a few kamas by accessing my player...
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Hello all,

Im Rune-Scape and i haven't been on Solar long almost a year now. I came to the server on this panda that i am playing now and i enjoyed it so much i transferred my other character over. I found a great community of people always looking to help others, Which really got back into dofus after a long break. But due to occupational commitment i had to leave for an extended period of time. I came back and everyone was gone my guild is very inactive, my group of friends looks like they have...
By Floppaloppagus - 2014-06-04 00:31:37 in Professions
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Hello all,

I'm trying to be come a tailor and iv looked at countless guides telling me what I need and how many of what I need, how to make kamas while leveling etc.. What I'm looking to do is spend minimal amount of kamas on leveling any of my crafting professions. So I am asking you seasoned players for a bit of advice today. Where might be the best area,places and maps to farm materials needed to level tailor. For example Before 2.0 on my old account I would farm gob dungeon for wool and such...