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Huracan Feca Lvl 212 Rubilax
Shuichi Shindou Osamodas Lvl 212 Rubilax
Papi Chente Osamodas Lvl 212 Rubilax
Chentiyo Enutrof Lvl 192 Rubilax
Elizya Feca Lvl 189 Rubilax
Hura Foggernaut Lvl 188 Rubilax
Chentio Sacrier Lvl 124 Rubilax
Hashirahma Sadida Lvl 123 Rubilax

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Since the "hotfix" of the pouches that recent was made, Me and a few of my friends have been getting mainly only candies and maybe 1-2 monster materials. Since the main use of this class was to try to get items for people that don't have millions of kamas. For the fact that each item a monster can drop can only be rolled once per fight and pouches nerfed, there really isn't any use for the class.

I was thinking of getting a cra, fogger, xelor, huppermage or eliotrope. Anyone have advise one which...
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For those that don't know, it will NOT go up in damage or anything, Do not waste your super growth kibble. I gave mine one and its stil llvl 1, I dont know if its ment to be lvl 1 or what but when i try to give it normal food it says "your pet's level is maxed out" but its still level one. I just wanted to post this so people do not waste their super growth kibble! good luck guys  
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So If you make The Forge building, you get 10% to weapon professions and armorer BUT outside of haven world it is 5% instead of 10%. This is kinda dumb because out of haven world the PP and Wisdom building still gives you 10 whether you're inside or outside. Could a moderator let me know if this was going to be eventually fixed? If not I advise that people that are wanting to build this building to skip it until it gets fixed. 9million resources for 5% craft bonuses ⌐_⌐

If this is going to...