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By Flet - 2012-05-11 04:07:45 in Trade
1 639

Level 100 Makabrards, 5.5kk --SOLD--
Lunar set 1.5kk
Boowolf set 600k
Justice epaulettes 130k
Crobak dagger (18%) 450k
Sacred ring 500k
Canoon powders (100) 2k each

This is my ign, if im not online my bags in sufokia market (gutted plaza)

I am interested in buying a black zordfish set for around 600
27 2643
Im 105, and i noticed today that i was not giving my guild any combat exp while killing stuff. I did some tests changing the contribution percent thinking maybe it was a bug with 70%, or that i just needed to wiggle it around some since the update to get things working right, but i can't make it happen.

So level capped people cant even try and help level their guilds combat experience anymore.

So its not 'no spell exp' at 105, its no exp period.

Its like they literally want us to have nothing...