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Dear Ankama & community,

I love playing PvP but feel it lacks rewards other than kamas. I have enough kamas, hence for me playing PvP has no real impact on my account progression.

I would love to see an achievement tab or cosmetic rewards track for PvP that update when reaching certain ranks, matches played, kill blows, etc. Every other successful MMO is already doing this and PvP is thriving because of this.

It will also allow more PvM players to indulge themselves into the PvP world.

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Hi Ankama,

Every year we all get hyped for the new Temporis but end up playing it only for a week or two because the reward doesn't match the input.

The ceremonial rewards are amazing, but can be easily bought after the event for 1-2mk on markets. It doesn't make any sense to stick to temporis as you can just buy the rewards later.

What if you made temporis rewards soulbound, or at least some of them?

Result: A lot more commitment to temporis and a more fun experience overall because of activity....
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Hi Ankama,

It is great that you’re making changes for people to reach end-game content easier, so the new change is not a bad thing at all.

However, your most loyal playerbase who finished the old questline are punished for it. On mono-servers we grinded 250mk together to finish the questline, only to burn 130mk as the price of Ochre was only 120mk.

This was a huge sacrifice, but you had the ornament and aura to show for it. Now we don’t, as the quest got so much easier to get.

My suggestion;...