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Shadoblade Iop Lvl 164 Rubilax
Fironex Foggernaut Lvl 90 Rubilax
Shydoblyde Huppermage Lvl 41 Rubilax
Firozx Masqueraider Lvl 29 Rubilax
Darkforst Feca Lvl 28 Rubilax

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By kevinyoyito - 2020-11-25 23:36:42 in General Discussions
2 269
With your team using Ouginak would be better. You are using Feca as a support so having a tankier melee character would be smart.
4 1138
I haven't tried making a damage foggernaut yet but, looking at your build there seems to be a few flaws. The damage side is based around the fire skills so using a single target build greatly reduces the damage you can do. I think you should either change to a distance build or distance/area mastery build. With one of these builds you would be able to utilize the fire skills while still being able to use some of the water and earth skills. I don't know why you have blockade on with a damage build...