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Ilustrado Masqueraider Lvl 212 Rubilax
Life Odd Sadida Lvl 212 Rubilax
Eliofe Eliotrope Lvl 207 Rubilax
Life Gun Rogue Lvl 202 Rubilax
Baileiy Pandawa Lvl 196 Rubilax
Arpina Xelor Lvl 194 Rubilax
Singtuan Ecaflip Lvl 192 Rubilax
Krists Foggernaut Lvl 180 Rubilax
Dim Sram Lvl 180 Rubilax
Sijevo Pandawa Lvl 143 Rubilax
Deryn Osamodas Lvl 51 Rubilax
Elodie Enutrof Lvl 51 Rubilax
Ianuaria Eniripsa Lvl 51 Rubilax
Oktar Cra Lvl 51 Rubilax

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I would suggest that first, you should know what type of melee masq would you want to be. You can be a damage dealer or support. You can go air and do damage with Violent Pushes but I personally don't like it. I play as a melee damage dealer tri elem.

This is my personal build.

The passives I use are Artful Locker, Brute, Pirouette, Keep in Contact, Anchor, and Support Collisions.  I personally don't use Brutality Aura because I find it hard to play with Keep in Contact passive. You can...
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Sadida Kingdom
Coordinates: -3;-6
20 948
It's August and I am experiencing this lol. I submitted a report, ticket #2656822.