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By Finikksu - 2017-01-16 20:16:54 in Game balance and improvement
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More than a suggestion is a "is ANKAMA thinking about this?"

Since the game is a turn-based card game, I don't think recreating the logs of a certain match would be That difficult.

Allowing Match replay would help people save those epic games where Lady Luck helped them in that last draw to make a comeback, or where they went toe to toe in a evenly fight with their opponent and none would back out until their decks ran out of cards.

Also, saving those replays would allow sharing them, saving a...
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Sorry if somebody posted this before, didn't check.

So yesterday I was playing with Sacrier for the daily Quest, and I called Edass on my side and then next turn I bodyGuarded it with the 1AT4HP card (can't remember the names)
My oponent used the Infinite Osa card that exchange bodies and took my Edass... however my Bodyguard still protected him, so I had to kill my own summon before being able to take the one stolen.
This is pretty weird and I must say is really annoying.

What I think must happen...
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Someone else feels is a bit underwelming to enter the game, get a Roullette coin, use it... and get 5k or 5Fragments?

Many games have two kind of rewards, one if you enter any day, and another if you enter every day.
I feel like Krosmaga should include the every day kind of now.
Maybe every day a bit more rewards and a big one of you enter 7 consecutive days.

For Example
Day 1: 1 Coin
Day 2: 1 Coin + 5K
Day 3: 1 Coin + 10K
Day 3: 1 Coin + 20K
Day 4: 1 Coin + 30K
Day 5: 2 coins + 30K
Day 6: 2 Coin2...