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Simoh Rogue Lvl 175 Aerafal
Dafk Foggernaut Lvl 111 Aerafal
Sancricoeur Sacrier Lvl 111 Aerafal
Robek Eniripsa Lvl 100 Aerafal
Inflamedice Ecaflip Lvl 85 Aerafal
Robek Eniripsa Lvl 73 Dathura
Simoh Rogue Lvl 45 Dathura
Telarc Cra Lvl 26 Dathura
Ragouginok Ouginak Lvl 26 Dathura
Elmic Eliotrope Lvl 25 Dathura
Elital Eliotrope Lvl 7 Remington
Pyriop Iop Lvl 5 Remington
Zoboll Masqueraider Lvl 3 Remington

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By Loka- - 2019-08-02 03:15:35 in Rogue
41 9367
Great and complete guide ! The review of passives would be great too for beginners, even if the not mentioned ones are useless.
But why increase the Bersek Mastery in fortune, what about Critical/Rear resistance when increasing Block ?
Thanks Ankama to kill the bombeless Rogue... (Piercing Shot could be used if it would work like Temporal burn of Xelor, if the Spell Deck would have more space)