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By Figim - 2020-12-21 05:05:34 in Suggestions
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nothing more than my pesonal whining list

idk for how long i was playing wakfu but all this time team search function was absolutely useless, even merging servers didnt changed anything. 
as we know, to drop legendary, epic and relic gear one needs to do dungeons on stasis 21 or higher and that bothers me, there was times when mentioned gears could drop from any stasis level, even s1, so what are the reasons of moving them to s21+ except of making life of average players harder.

in recent update...
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after playing ougi & experimenting with spells and passives i decided to beg for buff create this topic and point out pasives that (imo) are bad/weird/not worth to use or don't even have evolution and how they could be modified.
upd. was made based on comment

and 1st passive is:its good pasive but with one problem. On evolution (lvl110) it increases tracking range by 4 making it have max range of 8.
-what is problem with that? 
-problem is that tracking can't be used without prey and...
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while mount zinit is inaccessible for f2players only eternal tier content they can do is mineral tower. But even then zinit has few things that tower doesn't, with are: Eternal powder and Eternal orbs recipes

so i want to suggest adding recipes like those: with this players that don't have posibility / want to access zinit will have easy way of making runes and geting orbs for souvenir items.

also pvp materials need some new recipes aswell (but i don't have any good ideas for them right now..)...