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Nothing like having the servers shut down with no notice and or reason why given on the forums/website. Again, another reason why communication between Ankama and it's customers should be improved. Just saying, it would be nice to KNOW what's going on sometimes. Just... thought I would throw this out there.
By FerrousBinkie - 2012-03-01 00:51:04 in General Discussions
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Boutiques, Glitches, and other general problems aside, there's still one thing about the game I'm not 80% sure on.

Haven Bags. What's up with those things? I mean you go in them, you put the stuffed body of the Royal Gobbal on a pedestal in one corner, put some bags up on the old dusty wood shelf, mess with the consoles and gizmos in the back...

But there's a lot more to these things that I haven't found any information or guidance on at all.

In the Beta I remember walking into this other...