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Member since 2013-09-11


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Feca Lvl 183 Echo
Olympus League

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Hi all, 

(Couldn't find this thread already, sorry if repeat.)

Can't join group fight - yes I am part of the group. Nothing happens when click join button after clicking sword.
Sure there's an obvious answer but I'm still clueless as why. 

When I try to, or am asked to exchange, it says 'you cannot make this exchange'. 

This just started today.

I'm subscribed. 



I know it says 'former subscriber', but it's on another account. Thx

Ok Sorted, 
Had to sort out Security. Add computer...
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Hi all, 
I seem to be stuck with the Little Golden Larva. "1 fight remaining" does not work... Re-did larva dungeon just in case, same problem after though.
Any thoughts? 

NVM. Didn't know that I had to lose 1 fight!
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I can't seem to make the Kardorim 'Score 200' achievement work. Or Field Dungeon - just tried that too.
I have over 200 points with idols. 

What am I not doing right or is there an issue?

Tried it a couple times with different 200+ idol combos.
Thanks !!
(Hope I posted in right place)