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By Felippe - 2009-10-20 23:11:35 in Professions
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Whats the best way for a lowbie like me to make money witbeing an alchemist? What potions should I mass produce, how much will I get for them ect ect.. just a quick question =P
By Felippe - 2009-10-16 18:30:22 in Professions
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I've just started on a new server since Rushu has become majority French and sadly I'm not too good with the language, anyway it's been a while since I have started all over from scratch and I'm running into some problems

-Poor gear (And unable to buy gear due to massive prices)

-No money because Im finding hard to farm monster as my gear is too poor

-Hard to level because of my lack of gear and being unable to take down strong monster

Im currently playing a level 30 Agilty sac with adventure...