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Quack Quack Boom Rogue Lvl 189 Rubilax
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Recently there have been many complaints on the fact that dungeons are repetitive or boring, or that all recent dungeons require a certain class or two. This thread is to collect ideas for new dungeons that we think would be fun or challenging to run.

I have two ideas myself:
1: This family of mobs is sort of like psykokos/crocodyle shamans in their damage reduction. There are 4 mobs, all have moderate resists, and their resists are equal in all elements. To compensate, each mob takes half damage...
By FeedFeca - 2016-04-30 20:17:06 in Ecaflip
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Obviously the heals from fleas are affected by water damage and heals, but what secondary damages affect it? I would guess single-target but I have no idea if it is also affected by CC/Distance. Does anyone know? Thanks!
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A summary for those who don't want to read my wall of text: changes portal spell so it can be cast through portals and completely changes exhalted/calm as well as few other things to make using portals more convenient and fun.

Most classes have a main unique thing or two that is usually an active and they use every fight, but usually doesn't directly do damage. Rogue has fusillade and pulsar (possibly firewall as well). Sram has traps and invisibility, Masqueraider has double, feca has invulnerability,...