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From the section 4, paragraph 9 in the Terms and Conditions of Use of DOFUS.

"The user commits not to profit from any elements of the Company's creations and not to promote such activities which would be damaging to the Company's rights."

My question. Is this paragraph the one that should stop players from selling kamas or items?

If not, is it acctually forbiden to do so?
Because otherwise the only specific violations in the terms and conditions of use of DOFUS, at the time of making a profit...
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Meat by order.
Delivered in time or is late.

The bread is the past, no sacrier can go using 30 breads for a full refill
neither others like to use 20, not today not ever again.

Give it a try, you'll not regret it.

Crocodyl Steak 750kamas/e
Koalak Steak 1,100kamas/e

for other meat price ask in-game

Just PM DrFrankenStein