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By Fancyfoot - 2015-07-19 03:23:15 in Meetings
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Any people here from Vancouver, British Columbia?

Representin' Western Canada!
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This is just an idea that I've recently been thinking about, I apologize if this has already been mentioned before. Of course people will think this would be quite an op thing but, here goes:

A ring that when crafted, it is empty of stats (similar to Shushumi weaponry, ie- Sword Onik) but can be maged to add any stats you want on it, but of course would have to come with a limit to how much "power" the ring can achieve, to null the ring from getting too overpowered.

For example, lets say I wanted...
By Fancyfoot - 2014-01-02 19:33:40 in Feca
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I'm currently a level 198 Omni feca wearing borealis set and a few filler pieces. With the addition of the Lost Dimension, a new str/cha/int set has been released for players to use. The "Lost" set is a 3 piece set, consisting of boots, amulet, and belt.

My question is- if i were to wear the Lost set, which filler pieces should i wear along with it? Preferably, I'd like to have as even characteristics possible

Thanks in advance