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Majoras Xelor Lvl 184 Nox
Romani Cra Lvl 184 Nox
Kaepora Gaebora Feca Lvl 182 Nox
Nabooru Spirit Sage Pandawa Lvl 175 Nox
Molgera Enutrof Lvl 160 Nox
Volvagia Enutrof Lvl 35 Dathura

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By Fakae - 2016-04-19 07:59:22 in Guides
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Since our Mods seem to prefer perfectly valid info scattered in different threads, shown by closing this thread while there were issues still pertinent to that thread to be discussed, lets do it in a new one!
(seriously, folks, not all necros are bad... if they were, threads should be automatically closed after a determined period of inactivity)

quoting myself:
With the most recent update they said:
Achievement: ChestmasterA chest of kamas has been moved so that players can access Cap’n LeChouque's...
By Fakae - 2015-06-13 21:00:25 in Trade
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Buying Visibility Cloak

click here

I'm not sure how to get it, so if anyone has solid info on where to drop / how to craf it, it'd be much much apreciated too.