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Bisio Huppermage Lvl 172 Rubilax
Grossogucci Sacrier Lvl 171 Rubilax
Imbesuito Cra Lvl 170 Rubilax
Degattis Sram Lvl 134 Rubilax
Lele Mosina Eniripsa Lvl 123 Rubilax
Detopis Ouginak Lvl 121 Rubilax
Foryou Masqueraider Lvl 103 Rubilax
Bustin Trudeau Eliotrope Lvl 64 Rubilax

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By Fahad - 2020-05-22 08:37:35 in Cra
2 1826
So I've been trying out ST Cra recently and things are not exactly looking bright,
Im currently level 90ish and compared to other classes, with lackluster leveling gear, I seem to be dealing no damage whatsoever;
I'm probably missing out on something? Maybe some more experienced Cra can help out

So first question: what rotation of spells should I use?
This is what I'm doing atm, as straight forward as it gets:
Riddling Arrow with Evasive bonus looks like the highest damage per AP spell in the deck...
By Fahad - 2020-05-08 11:08:44 in Masqueraiders
4 1157
So I'm trying to optimise my level 80 Masq gear; maybe more experienced players can help out with some obscure mid level drops, thanks in advance.
it's not much but here's what I found so far:

Priority Stats: 
HP/Elem Res/Block;
Water/Air Mastery;
Single Target > Melee Mastery > Backstab Mastery; 
I'm not running a crit build so Crit Chance and Mastery are unessential;

Epique Slot: 
Probably the best pick being Trool Warrior Spikes;
other alternatives I've found are Otomai's...