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Ouginak Lvl Omega 132 Echo
Akatsuki Clan
Ecaflip Lvl 68 Echo
Sacrier Lvl 47 Echo
Cra Lvl 44 Ilyzaelle

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I'm always thinking of new ideas for dofus, which may or may not benifit dofus, noticed % off buyers are all over trade chat now, I might thought up a possible solution to hopefully solve this....
Would it be a good idea or bad to have an item up for sale at a reserved price and let % off buyers bid on it till it expires from the market and if the final bid is less than your reserved price, you somehow get the option to accept the offer or decline it.

Well just thought i'd share the idea.
By Fablegamer - 2019-12-07 19:21:27 in General Discussion
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Echo is dead, so i'm thinking of new games to play and thought of wakfu and then fortnite.. why not dofus-fortnite would be fun. ._.
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Each week for the past month echo has been getting worse, all you see in trade chat is % off buyers and everyone trying to sell stuff.
Last month it was average in activity, my items were selling frenquently I would expect certain things to sell within the hour of placing them in the market without competition, like rose of sand.
For the past week or so, i've been tryng to sell exo maged items, rose of sand and lots more and nothing is selling, even with 0 competition in the markets.

Notice the...