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Sram Lvl 199 Ilyzaelle
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By FIREMAHLAZER - 2018-01-03 20:58:38 in Cra
1 1179
Is int cra as good as it used to be? I'm currently playing agi returning for mono from a while ago, but I noticed that explosive arrow requires a target now, do you guys think that makes it weaker? I used to use it for strong aoe in the center of a group, where the target wouldn't necessarily be but it was the most effective place.
Should I stay agi or should I swap to int like I used to play at 92? I really liked how int cra used to work, but I'm scared requiring a target will take the power they...
By FIREMAHLAZER - 2015-07-31 23:26:34 in Cra
1 906
I'm a level 119 int cra and I'm looking for set ideas.
Notice that I already have some pieces I'm fond of and I enjoy having 12 ap and 5 mp at least, however currently I have 6.
Money is not an issue.
I want high int, and I have the shaker, nomad, miracle man, and also the two scholar trophies.
I will post my whole set tonight so everyone can see what I currently have, but I have a feeling I could get better gear.
Have at it!
7 2419
Me and my friends are making a 5 man group to play, they haven't played much but I know a lot about the game, at least early game. I know almost everything about the game up to levels ~125 except for frigost and late dungeons and such.
What I would like would be maybe a crash course as to what classes work well together in such a large group. We're going to be doing PvM mostly, but also professions will be used. We'll all try to make a self sustaining group making all the gear we can.

What professions...