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Hello, in the past, i very loved farming crackler dungeon and make diamonds stones for spell characteristic scrolls. But now I do not know what is in demand at the players? Dooplons from doples killed, dungeon soul stones very long are sold. Making keys, need more time sit on 1 account and cut, cut trees. I like a command play, where i can farm mobs and have some profit for me and other players. Please advise what kind of loot from the mobs you need most.
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I tried uninstall all dofus files in appdata/roaming, delete all old dofus folders and reinstall game again BUT always i see !NO SERVER ADDRESS! after push button "Ok" how to fix it?
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I'am escort necromancer to the temple, later talked to Jalcas and necromancer has been lost, but quest doest not finished. In quest book i see last step ( Asisst the necromancer ) but I do not have it...

I Am apologize, problem solved. It was necessary to stand in front of the necromancer and talk to him.