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Sengo Mildrunk Pandawa Lvl 76 Remington
Krona Kavewolf Sacrier Lvl 21 Remington

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I just created my own "clock" today, and just found out that Xelor is very powerful class if used correctly. However, Xelor seems to have a large learning curve.

I wonder if any Xelor expert can explain how Xelor works, and how to extract its potential to 100% in end game!
(But in English, not in "Tik Tok" language, since it still confuses me lots, please and thanks!)

By Excrysis - 2017-08-26 06:37:10 in Overall
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I always like Air Element, no matter what kind of game I am playing.

In Wakfu I found lots options and tried lots. My idea is the following:
1) Strategic class, not just hitting without brain.
2) Can use air with another elements, being versatile.
3) Fun to play with.

Any idea and why the recommended class? 

Thanks in advance
By Excrysis - 2017-07-24 07:43:32 in Pandawa
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Played lots classes but recently I got interest in Pandawa and its versatiliy.

I checked guides and builds. Now, I understand the basics of pandawaps mechanics, however when I tried it out, it turns that it is difficult to play with. So... I may need advice.

1) Which kind of Pandawa is best now: Meelee or Ranged?
2) Which elements combination with Earth?
3) Most recommended spells?
4) Which stats?

Thanks in advance.