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By Etherall - 2008-12-19 21:07:18 in Spitting Bwork Tavern
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Intense gore and violent situations!!!

Ace's hair lashed about in the breeze as her crimson scarf was wrapped around her face, covering her nose and jowls.. A Piercing blue eye stared at the battlefield, Bodies strewn about, mangled and limp, with the snow colored red.. She stood, A deck of cards cluched in her hand as she closed her eyes, walking through the field, A Large bodie laid in the path.. A Poached trool, her tail lashed in anger and she leap'd ontop of the form, Never had...
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Okay umm. I'll download it till the installment, Now note, i have a windows 98 computer and im clicking the DOWNLOAD DOFUS button on the website, and when it gets to the installment part, it has a script error that says 'Error opening file for writing:

C:/Program Files\Dofus\Uplauncher.exe

Click abort to stop the installation, retry to try again, or ignore to skip this file.

Abort just stops it,(duh) Retry just makes it close and pop up again. Ignore it continues for like a milisecond and...