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By EsseEOEnu - 2016-12-20 19:50:09 in Need help?
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If not, is there any reason to take an alignment, now that the aliances are what controlls territories ?

Best Regards,
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Hello all, I'd like to know if in this version of the game the armors are being calculated by status of by level.

Back in the day it worked like the following:
INT would raise the effect of all armors, plus the fire armor;
STR would raise the effects of earth armor;
AGI would raise the effects of air armor;
CHA would raise the effects of water armor.

I know however that in some update they changed it to be based on level, can anyone tell me witch one is the one currently working in Touch ?

By EsseEOEnu - 2016-12-07 20:05:22 in Suggestion Box
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Hello all,

I'm finding it very hard to be able to take all the actions I want to with the current time we get per turn.

The main problem arises when I'm trying to hit some far away enemy and my range if off by 2, so I want to walk forward 2 and then back 1 for example. This is very problematic in high-end dungeons where you cannot afford to make mistakes.

Is there any way to raise the timer a bit ?

Best Regards,