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Imperishable Water Deity Feca Lvl 148 Remington
Beauty Queen Etna Enutrof Lvl 144 Remington
Lirum Pandawa Lvl 140 Remington
Soildat Sadida Lvl 139 Remington
Amazoness Queen Sacrier Lvl 138 Remington

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Two bugs we've encountered so far, but there's been no talk on the forums about it so I'm unsure how much of a widespread issue it is.

Firstly it randomly decides who can and can't as a leader enter a dungeon, sometimes a character can enter it as leader others we need to change who is lead.

Secondly, beating the stasis 20 doesn't unlock anything new, nor does it update on 'personal best.' Unless it requires us to run Synced down to make a score or unlock higher difficulties, then it's either missing...
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Remember, this is a thread for fun.

What are your first world problems when it comes to Wakfu?

Recently, due to the new token system, I absent mindedly cashed out a bunch of solomonk fragments when I already had a linked Solomonk. So I had to do something I thought I'd never do to a small stack of fragments, trash them. (Gelano fragments not counting as real fragments of course.)

Apart from that, being in the same room as another person with a Dynast costume is super awkward, it's like showing...
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It's quite easy when you think about it, Wakfu devs love working on Wakfu so much, after their job is done, they can just sit back and they press the big 'Deploy Patch' button, but they're so in love with their Wakfu, and with trying to be the Hero for the community so you notice them and the figure they've worked on, they leave a bug or two in there, like when a girl drops her pen beside you, just to bend over slowly to pick it up to make sure you notice.

The devs want us to notice their hard work,...