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Shiriyui Cra Lvl 117 Nox
Kinnayui Eniripsa Lvl 116 Nox

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By EscyliaTheQuick - 2016-07-13 21:42:53 in Guides
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Hey there ^^
This is just a simple guide for those stuck on the nations quest line!
The books in the library carry the answers to the questions, although they aren't in any particular order this should help
Took me quite awhile to figure this out *-* , and there was no official guide that wasn't in french
Anyways Enjoy!

-From Incarnam to Externam
The life of an ordinary twelvian

-Anthropolgy Illustrated Aperirel 972 - year 33 n*42
The secret of the universe in your eye socket

-Sufokia Emerged
By EscyliaTheQuick - 2016-07-12 23:36:16 in Introductions
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Hi ^^ my name is Shiriyui and im new to the nox server!

Im a low level huppermage and a completionist.
This is also my first post on the wakfu forums.
Il be looking for a guild soon, preferably one that has people willing to help me get all dem sweet acheivments \(^•^)/
See you in game!