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So, I noticed how we get new meats when we have new monster families, but there are only one type of wood, ore, cereals, fish we can collect at lvl 100. I mean, being hunter is good, but I'd enjoy collecting different types of other resourses at the highest profession point.
So, more types of wood, ore, fish, cereals!
And, of course, more recipies with them. As well as with aspen and obsidian - there are really not much one can craft using them, excluding keys.
By Eryta - 2014-08-12 15:27:17 in Problems and solutions
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So, after the latest update the game didn't launch and I closed the updater and opened it again. Now, it says: The update server appears to be out of sync.
What's that? Please don't tell me I'll have to reinstall the game again to fix it.
By Eryta - 2014-07-22 06:19:58 in General Discussion
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I noticed that three frig-themed pets appeared in the emporium, but there is no snowfoux. I'm just wondering if it would be there later or not - because it's the only one of them that's actually useful and the only one I'd want to buy.