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By ErastusKaan - 2013-01-17 02:56:57 in General Discussions
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What are some of the strategies you all are using for managing your inventories? I am only level 20 and am really suffering from lack of space. I recently crafted a few Miscellaneous Display Window expecting to be able to use them as they are described.... I'm sure you know the outcome.

I've made my first ikeakit, and want to start making some bags but to level anything up to a useful amount it takes a lot of inventory space, Especially when most bags require the use of items from more than...
By ErastusKaan - 2013-01-14 06:01:00 in Xelor
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Hi All

Back to the game and haven't really played since launch, I'm about 2 months out before my sub runs out and I want to see how the game is going before I worry about renewing...

So....I need some build help. I've been saving for AP, and have placed 1 point in temporal waves, and 5 in dial...only because those seemed to be the safest choices.

As I've been playing I've been using at least 1 skill from each tree pretty often and Im having trouble deciding what direction I want to go in,......