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Hey, paddock shortcuts [ store(1), breed (2), equip(3), exchange(4) ] are not working, instead those keys are selecting items from shortcut bar. I didn't have that problem in 2.36. Is it just me or related to 2.37?
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Hello, i'm posting this thread because i think it's not just me.
My account is currently subscribed, so when i re-subscribe before my subscription ends, i get a discount. At least that's what happened before.
So now site still shows a discount for me but it doesn't work. When i try to get a months subscription for 4000 ogrines , site says i'm missing 200 ogrines.
Anybody experiencing the problem that i'm experiencing?
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Hey guys i would like to learn the formula used for calculating how the experience gained changes with increase in level difference between profession level and recipe level. I couldn't find any sources, just observations of a guy which is nice for approximation but not certain