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Bladelaire Iop Lvl 188 Rubilax
Miss Ayle Cra Lvl 173 Rubilax
PHA-Stabitha Sram Lvl 171 Rubilax
Vardelle Osamodas Lvl 163 Rubilax
Bloodylaire Sacrier Lvl 129 Rubilax
REM-Bladelaire Iop Lvl 1 Rubilax

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I had returned to Wakfu because an email warned me my stuff was about to get deleted due to me not buying stuff. Now, me not buying stuff has nothing, I REPEAT- NOTHING to do with my lack of wanting to buy stuff. It's because I wasn't allowed to. Now, the Philippines isn't that high on Ankama's radar, I should imagine since I was told this was a problem ever since Phaeris moved out of Asia.

There are no payment options in the philippines outside of Paypal. There are MMO's on steam older than Wakfu...
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I thought Fiat meant real world money, as in I can now buy stuff with either credit cards or prepaid cards or shekels or some form of currency. Nope.

What exactly is a Fiat?
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[blockquote]Phaeris. Nox. Remington. Dathura. Long ago, the four servers lived together in harmony. Then everything changed when the Fire- I mean, Steam attacked. Only Ankama, master of all four servers could stop it, but when the world needed it the most, it QQ'd. A hundred days passed and my brother and I discovered a new Ankama with an old dev named Fhenris. And although the dev seems great, Ankama has a lot to learn before its ready to save Wakfu. But I believe, Ankama can save its game.