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Believing is achieving.


Korvac Sacrier Lvl 202 Rubilax
Ruthal Masqueraider Lvl 202 Rubilax
Pirius Rogue Lvl 202 Rubilax

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Hey guys n' gals,

Quick question about how critical reduction mechanics work. I'm trying to mix and match the following gear but it just isn't working:Zinit Hat (Souvenir); Dragolyre (Souvenir); Ogrest's Wrath; and Forgotten Navigator's Ring.
I'm probably not understanding the conditions to use the gear? The condition ''CH > -10'' means that I can't go under -10 critical hit or the maximum critical reduction is -10? Each item has this condition and I noticed that some stats are given or even...
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I thought to take a moment to share my brief experience so far with the merge: The variety of gear is fantastic, prices are reasonable and I'm slowly learning Spanish.  Adding a third language never hurts!

A lot of lag though in heavy populated areas. Have to reboot the game on several occasions due to that. (See reference guide shared by TibiAPAC below)

Overall, I'm happy.

What about you? Share your experience!
By Enigma - 2020-10-12 01:13:21 in Trade
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