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Zconfidence Iop Lvl 180 Rubilax
Zero Confidence Feca Lvl 40 Rubilax

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By EndlessPossiblity - 2014-11-13 15:03:24 in Fan Art
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Alright, guess I'll go ahead an post these up. For people that have heard me do my comedy bit around Nox areas, I'm ZConfidence the Wakfu Joker of Nox. Here my jokes now.

What did the Eniripsa order at the baseball concession stand?

A Coney

What took the Foggernaut so long to come out to play?

Cause he was in Stasis

How do you put out an on fire pandawa?

Stop, Drop, and do a barrel roll

Did you know Enutrophs especially enjoy my jokes?

Cause they're golden

How can you tell when a female...
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Flurry with no crit would add on the lvl 1 Aerial that would give +10% air damage on your next air spell.

When you crit it used to give Lvl 2 Aerial that would give +15% air damage on your next air spell.

It even shows it's suppose to go upto a level 2 Aerial when you click the buff.

But now it doesn't do that anymore, crit or no crit, it's now just Lvl 1 Aerial Buff. I know that extra 5% isn't much, but I don't remember any patch notes saying the removal of this or change of this anywhere. And...