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I have an Iop lvl 199 str/agi. And I decided to make a 4 man team: Iop, Eni (fire), Osa (fire) and Xel (fire). I have enough kamas to pay them decent sets.
They are actually lvl 30 (not subscribed yet, since I don't know what to do) equipped with adventurer sets. I have planned to equip them with royal masto sets, toy hammer, PDC, Gelano, Royal Cherry Blop Ring and Golden/Emerald mounts except for Eni (Golden/Orchid). They all have Cawwot Dofuses.
I planned to leech them in Royal Mastogob Dungeon...
By EmrereurRusse - 2013-01-07 20:27:48 in Suggestion Box
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I would like Ankama to create an English-speaking forum about multi-accounting where people will be able to share about their multi-accounting experience, tricks, guides and more.
I know that people are not very tolerant towards multi-accounting, but the fact is that multi-accounting is present in the game so lets face it and help those who decided to try the one-man team experience.
By EmrereurRusse - 2012-01-09 20:03:11 in Solar
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Freepler Union is a level 58 active russian-speaking guild. We are searching for new members. We have people from level 20 to 200. In total we are 81 members and the average level is 112.
Here is a link to our official website: Click here
If you want to join please write a post here or pm one of our members in game.
Thank you.