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By Emotoy - 2018-01-27 23:12:31 in Cra
4 1684
Hello guys, i have big dilemma. I need partner class for my Omni Cra. 
I am thinking about these possibilities. 

Huppermage - I am afraid it will be so boring class, because it is just about damage (nothing special) 
Ouginak - I absolutely do not know this class
Panda - Int/Str build? It is good idea?
Enutrof - Good buffs but damage? 
Feca - same like Panda...Is Int/Str build viable?

So...I will be happy for every tip or advice, which choice might be the best! 
(Sorry for my bad english)
By Emotoy - 2017-06-13 07:12:39 in Sadida
4 1876
Hello, I've created a STR sadida (later tri-build) and I'm looking for a suitable partner class for him. Could you give me some types? (Not Iop or Rogue). Thank you all.
By Emotoy - 2016-07-02 21:36:37 in Rogue
1 1231
Hello, I will make Rogue and Panda or Sacrier. I need help with best combo element...Can you give me advice, please? Thank You!