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By Elusial - 2021-12-18 16:56:09 in Bug Reporting
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I'm unable to advance the quest 'Dark Mystery' on Nolifis Island. I'm at the stage 'Look for a sign of the Rokubi' and I recall seeing a wounded kitsune on the map [39,-43] but I think I closed the dialogue without choosing any of the conversation options as I wanted to come back with some friends.

Now there's no kitsune on the map, the only NPC there is 'Kamiki' who has no conversation options. I think either the kitsune should be there or some 'Vengeful' Yokai for me to talk to, but there are...
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I've reached the stage of quest which says 'Ask the witch of Plantala for help'. When I enter her house, I can see she has a question mark above her head, but when I talk to her, there's no option to advance the quest. I've attached screenshots of the issue. 

I've just resolved this by doing some other Pandala quests. If anyone else is stuck here, I needed to advance the 'Say It with Flowers' quest before Sobomori gave me the conversation option to help Inataba.