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Member since 2015-05-26


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Zero No Tsubasa Feca Lvl 137 Remington
Nystox Xelor Lvl 104 Remington
Gah Oole Huppermage Lvl 43 Remington
Nuth Oohza Eniripsa Lvl 6 Remington
Ruuhe Letravh Osamodas Lvl 4 Remington

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So, I'm not really a veteran of pure PvP and free. But recently I decided to turn my PvP mode and fun. I decided to attack a player after I was assured on my level.
I seriously did not think it was something offensive. He had the Active pvp, me too. I said, "we both want to do PvP!". But no, he is offended.

I apologized but it was really offended. I did not want to be a "disturbance"

I had really good intentions. I wonder then, am I wrong, or the players are too susceptible? I was advised to ask...
By ElrichChosen - 2016-04-26 19:43:30 in Feca
12 7032
Hi guys, i have a Feca lv 113. I will not complain about the nerf, and I do not want any controversy. What I want to ask instead is help on how to do more damage to my level. In group I can very well to play the supporting role but alone I is virtually impossible to make concrete damage. My only sources of damage are the glyphs, the other skills they really do little damage. What can I do? I have the following points:


% Health Points 10
Elemental resistence 10
Barrier 3
%Armor Health...