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By Elochai - 2017-03-07 11:24:36 in Rushu
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well its been.....a long time so i'm not sure whose still around when I left lol
so i'm back from like a 3 year hiatus ^^
A lot of stuff has changed so looking forward to getting back to it
By Elochai - 2010-11-14 19:42:44 in Problems and solutions
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So i'm trying to make an unlearning potion and i go to my chest that has 2K potions of old age in it.. and when i moved some over they just disappear so i moved all over to see and they're not in my inventory.. but my pods went up... to test it i went and bought 10 from the sell rooms.. and my pods went up again my moeny was taken... but not in my inventory..

is anyone else having this problem?