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Missionary Elle Rey Xelor Lvl 151 Nox
Morrison Sram Lvl 151 Nox
Kristophilia Rogue Lvl 150 Nox
Theoderich Eniripsa Lvl 95 Nox
Spewy Ecaflip Lvl 77 Nox
Harmonicus Rey Huppermage Lvl 55 Nox

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By ElleRey - 2016-11-06 03:41:34 in Fan Art
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Hey all, this is where I will be posting portraits of players. Starting off with Order of the Shu-Shu's Apple Juice! Inspiration, Murakami and superflat. Stay tuned for more portraits--you may find your portrait here at some point! Please PM me in game or through Ankamabox if you have any questions or concerns.

Behold, the riches of Amakna, and it's crown jewel, Mina Hotaru! Taking a STUNNING 10 redraws XD I hope y'all like how she turned out.

And taking a magnificent ZERO redraws, it's the...
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Meeting Minutes
Thank you for everyone who attended the meeting! Special thanks to our guest of shovel, Dragon Pig. We really dug his presence. The event schedule for next week will be the following:

Crop Art: Monday, August 15, 5 PM PSTLocation: Sufokia, Turfo CanyonBrackets: Farming Level less than 20, and Farming Level Unrestricted50 seeds of each available crop will be provided. Feel free to practice!

Costume Contest, Tuesday, August 16, 5 PM PSTLocation: Sufokia OutpostAn equipment-only...
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Welcome, welcome! It's Missionary Elle Rey, your new Sufokian Governor! I'm not known and I don't know anyone else--let's get to know each other, and become good friends and partner citizens. And the name's a mouthful, so please call me Elley! I was the previous Ecologist for Sufokia, and such, take the ecosystem very seriously. Running off of my predecessor Kavulu, I'd like a chill term with some new blood in government. Let's get to it!

Well, it's looking a bit drafty...