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Asagi Tankiri Feca Lvl 93 Efrim
Tigewo Enutrof Lvl 93 Efrim
Marona Delta Huppermage Lvl 83 Efrim
Alouette Zangs Iop Lvl 61 Remington
Asagi Zerker Sacrier Lvl 61 Remington
The Real Asagi Sram Lvl 55 Remington
Arch Asagi Cra Lvl 55 Remington
Asagiri Asagi Eniripsa Lvl 52 Efrim
Asagi Deltagiri Sram Lvl 47 Efrim
Bibtij Eniripsa Lvl 30 Remington

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By Elemecz - 2020-03-23 07:47:59 in Overall
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Hello, I've been playing Wakfu for quite a while (mostly in Efrim as it's my country's server) and really enjoyed the game overall, specially the large amount of classes (to the point I've tried out most of them to a certain extent), however I've always been somewhat indecisive on what to pick.

I play about as much Solo as I do on Teams, although a bit more Solo as I tend to change class often (which is why on Remington I've never gotten any 80+ character) due to my indecisiveness and stuff.