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So basically, as the title says, will there be anymore alignment quests? I have just finished all 70 and there's a rank on the order saying " Master of Illussions - 100 " meaning there might be 100 quests but only 70 to do.

Will anymore be implemented?
By Elegance-Xx - 2012-12-27 00:43:58 in General Discussion
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So the " More Royalist Than The King " achievement, I'm stuck on " Tenth Allister Quest ". I've done the rest but before the achievements. The thing I'm stuck on is where do I start the tenth quest? I can't find anything on Wiki or Google about it D:
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Hey there.

So from the title of this, I mean I'd like to see a more variety of weapons. By this I mean Chance staffs, Intel bows, Strenght Shovels, Agility swords etc. ( Roughly 180+ ).

I'm making this since I'm a Chance Feca and I'd like a nice staff as it's my class weapon but the only Chance staff is around 140 and useless for me when I'm level 197. I also mentioned the other stuff as I know many people who would like more stuff like this.

What does everyone else think?