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I don't think the horn suggestion would fly as the Devs want you to roam around and experience different maps, however depending on implementation this could potentially facilitate that.

I think I should clarify that I agree Wisdom boosting xp is an issue and have made no secret on these forums for my disdain of leeching.

Also, characters on the same account being used as multimen, I find your counter there to be flimsy.
It is easier to leech a new account than one on the same account as your...
29 3819
Kyounen|2013-12-09 05:27:29I don't see the point in leeching. You leech to 150-180, and then "start playing" knowing nothing about the world nor the gameplay.

High levels are just bigger numbers and monsters that hit very high. Why would I want that in the first place? I enjoy fighting Fungi Masters, who hit 30 (if I'm not pressed by the wall), and gaining awesome XP from them. I'm slowly pacing, but enjoying the game. I never were and never will be leeched. No matter how many characters I make.