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Wakfu has a certain feature wherein you're able to control multiple characters when in combat just using 1 account. Basically you still control 1 character but when in combat your alts on the same account automatically joins the fight - pretty much like sidekicks, their stats are that of a normal character and you'd still need to gear them. You can switch out which of your characters become the "lead", and you can still view their inventory from a separate tab.

This would be useful, for those who...
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It would be nice to have the same feature Wakfu has when it comes to Gathering - at least with the Havenbags wherein one can "plant" resources in it. Instead of having to contest other players when gathering.

Additionally, please put a decent animation on Huppermage's Arcane Torrent - it seems underwhelming for a strong spell. 
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Make Stasili (The Purple Shield a Ceremonial Item)