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Make Stasili (The Purple Shield a Ceremonial Item)
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It's a disaster waiting to happen I tell ya.

Recently started to breed (was practicing at public paddocks) now I bought a paddock (several ones) actually, didn't know it would belong to the guild and not me. I thought it would be the same to houses where you get the option to restrict it to other members but to my disappointment yeah there was no such option.

Why is there even a "Manage other members' mounts" option. I mean as a leader I could just remove everyone's rights but thing is other 2...
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First of, the last update killed us while the other classes got some buffs that actually syncs with their kit .

Here's a list of problems that I see with the current state of Huppermages .

*What the bwork is our role?
- We're supposedly a damage dealing class with mastery over 4 elements and combining elemental states to proc certain debuffs would make us strong , but this isn't the actual case now is it?

To be able to dish out that said damage you gotta go mono and being mono means you'll probably...