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I went to the paybychash and chose the Ultimate Game Card option. Ultimate game card is a prepaid gamecard that can be bought at several retailers. I couldn't find any at Wal-mart but the local Rite-Aid where i live carries them. So... it's not a difficult card to find. Many places carry them. I applied the card # at the paybycash website and was credited the amount. Dofus recieved payment and credited my time within 10 mins. I bought the Ultimate Game Card with a credit card so if credit or debit...
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I've been a subsciber for 2 mths and I just paid for another 3 mths and my tickets are still non-subscriber priority. I'm not gonna send another ticket in complaining about it cause I'm sure they get flooded with tickets day in and day out. But it does bother me a bit. The funny thing about this is that my ticket was about having trouble resubscribing. Basically I was just wondering if a moderator here in forum might know if this is a bug that is being looked into. It's not a huge deal just frustrating...