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 Game version patch 1.15.2 OS version of computer Windows 10 Time and date of encounter 03/05/21 Description of the problem - I open the Launcher and when I go to Krosmaga and click 'play' the launcher closes without opening the game. Also my avatar is shown as offline, even though my internet is connected. What should happen -> Krosmaga should start when I click 'play' in the launcher. Reproduction rate -> Unpredictable. I uninstalled and re-installed the launcher - then it worked...
By Ekossa - 2021-03-02 19:50:30 in General Discussion
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I think mostly the game is good, only I'd say cra goddess is too strong, as is parma knight considering rarity/ap cost. Also not sure about the mechanic that allows you to return the same minion to your hand multiple times. 
Cra is super easy to play (except against other cras), but almost impossible to win against with most other classes, as they seem to only be killed with spells or with minions that are both fast and chonky.
Parma knight is pretty OP for a 5ap rare card -- Percedal (6ap infinite)...