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By Eilean - 2010-01-25 19:23:13 in Problems and solutions
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The thread about security in game is closed.

I would like to add some advices :

Most of the times, account is being hacked by someone you actually know :
-Your little sister.
-Your brother's friend.

You have to be careful to these things :
-Never let the password on a piece of paper near the computer.
-Do not store the password on the computer.
-Use a password you never shared before.

And be very careful with remembering passwords on forum and stuff if you share the computer, especially if you...
By Eilean - 2010-01-23 16:37:28 in Problems and solutions
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I dunno if you notice, but if you play from a laptop 12-13" with a 1024*768 resolution, which is pretty standard, you can barely read, all is so small...

That goes even worse if you got a pocket PC, that's too bad...

Admins made it to be readable only from 1280*1024 resolution...

Which means not compatible with most computers from before 2009...

Sorry, but computers from 2006-2007 are not outdated, it's not like if it was from freakin 1992, come on...

Please, adapt it to most of resolutions...