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By Eidrion - 2017-07-01 17:22:26 in Your Decks
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Lets get a discussion going and show what the God Sadida can really do! I invite all Sadida players to share your decklists and discuss your strategies! The more detailed the better!

List them down or Show screenshots, Your choice!

Feel free to talk about your Seed - Doll Ratios or Give insight on Maximizing your Hand and Action Points per turn! When do YOU put down a bush? What cards do you look for on Turn 1? Which Neutral cards did you use? Do you even USE Neutral Cards? Which keywords are...
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With the coming of the new expansion we have new cards to brew with! I want to know if anyone has found a way to combo with any of them. Lets talk about card synergies for Sadida to help our fellow deck building nature lovers out there! (Feel free to share old combos too!)
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Can you recycle cards you dont use at all and not just if you have extra cards of that type? Like say i get card from a booster pack for... xelor and i NEVER plan on using xelor. It would be nice to recycle those cards even if i have just (x1) of a card so i can build my preffered god (Sadida) deck faster. Similar to how they do it in hearthstone and duelyst.

Now I'm pretty new to the game so if there is a way to do this i'd love to hear it.