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A'Vee Cra Lvl 134 Remington
Citrix Eniripsa Lvl 82 Remington
Chew-Hau-Hau Ouginak Lvl 28 Remington
Zumona Sacrier Lvl 8 Remington

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By Eev - 2017-05-29 18:19:01 in Trade
1 494
I just need 5 but I'll be happy to pay well. Trying to check if crafting Exquisite Tiramisoup would trigger the lvl 100 Fisherman achievement, since I can't go to Xelorium yet. Please leave a reply and say when can I catch you online. Thanks!
By Eev - 2017-05-12 01:42:25 in Crafting
17 1750
I got back to Wakfu shortly before 1.53 change and set myself a goal to get all gathering profs to 100. Today I managed to get the last one that I was missing - fisherman - to lvl 100. Lo and behold, here comes my Seal of Companionship!!! ... or not. Looks like the requirement to unlock Super Snap Flask Finishing is to fish a lvl 100 resource. Sweet, but why is it located in Xelorium, where I have no chance to get within the next year (as real life gets in the way)? A lake in HW won't go higher than...