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I thought it would be good to give people profession leveling potions equal to the levels they've gained on temporis, same as your character turns into a potion. Especially since we've put in such work on this server, too!
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I am currently using the Beta Launcher and I went through an update yesterday. I could play dofus just fine yesterday, now the client is offering the "install" option as though I never installed the game. I also had to re-enter my account credentials, so I'm wondering if it lost some of the pointers to the files?

If not, is there a way to adjust where the launcher points to so I don't have to reinstall? Thanks.

edit: Dofus seems to be in my steam folder, even though I installed it into the...
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Right now it's ridiculous. Even if you're looking for a match and looking at the screen if you lose focus for a second it will go by too fast. There should be at least a 10-15s gap to click on the accept button. Better yet, let us auto-accept! We already queued!!!