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Alright I'll try and explain this best I can without screenshots, if you need screenshots I'll provide some or a video if I have to. So far I've tried 2 different internet browsers and I'm still having issues login in. Mozilla Firefox and Chrome I tried clearing the cache and the history already. I haven't used Internet Explorer yet but I rather not use it since I hate it anyway.

I click on the top right part of the website where it says "Log in" next to "Create an account" and it doesn't give me...
By Ed-Win - 2014-03-17 00:50:05 in Cra
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So I was thinking of a plan to make an 8 cra team to run dungeons and do high level mobs quickly. An idea I got from watching bots constantly run a bunch of cras in astrub and ankama village etc.

My main goal: Get each cra above 150 for trophies and sets that will stick with them all the way until 199-200. Either have 4 cha 4int or 3 cha 3 int with 1 agil and 1 str. To be able to make a fast/cheap team to maximize profit out of running 8 accs.

So far its been a week running 8 accs and hell its...
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I have 37mk worth of resources in my bank.

I would like someone to buy it off me because its just been sitting there for 4 years and too lazy to go and put it on the market as I've already done so with 30mk worth of resources that took me two weeks to sell. In total I had 60mk worth of resources but now it's 37mk. I'm posting this in hopes I can make a quick transaction to a jack of all trades player that would want all types of mats and for very cheap.

I have no use for any of these as I don't...